Sunday, November 30, 2008


In advance, I would like to say sorry for 2 things. There will be no picture in this post (I know, I'm sorry!!) But I promise that new pictures will be in future posts this week. Sorry that there was also a lack of updates/posts throughout the weeks. We have been really busy though guys ;-) We have been working on sims, new job opportunities, graphics, all that good stuff. We hope to make you all satisfied and we hope to get this game out ASAP.

Spread the word guys!! :-)

~Maxis Tatiana

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last update for the day

BoldI would like to thank everyone who has visited our blog. Please leave feedback so we know that we have your support!

As this is the last post I am going to make today, I would like to mention a few things. The Create-A-Sim in the online version will be the same as in Sims 2. That will make it less complicated for you and us. Sims will also still have needs. We are contemplating on whether or not to have users be able to upload custom content. But, we still have a longways to go on this addition to The Sims 2. A release date cannot be given at this time, but I can say it will not be free--Sorry! More pictures coming later when we are further into development.

~Maxis Tatiana

A view of the city

This picture contains on what we have worked on so far. We have worked on the environment of the big city all sims will live in. In the picture you will see several objects around the city such as buildings, a pond, a railroad, trees, ect. We are working on making them more realistic, but this is what we have so far after a period of 2 months. Enjoy as we go work on the sims now! ;)


This site is brought to you by myself(Maxis Tatiana) and my partner, Maxis Joseph. We have been selected to create an online add-on to The Sims 2. After a few of our members closed down The Sims Online, we decided we could not let you down. So, Joseph and I have been working so hard to create this for you. We are hoping to make this the best online game you can imagine, and don't be afraid to give us your opinions on what you would like to be added into the game before it opens! We will post pictures weekly and or daily to keep you guys informed! We will not let you down! :)

~Maxis Tatiana