Sunday, November 9, 2008

A view of the city

This picture contains on what we have worked on so far. We have worked on the environment of the big city all sims will live in. In the picture you will see several objects around the city such as buildings, a pond, a railroad, trees, ect. We are working on making them more realistic, but this is what we have so far after a period of 2 months. Enjoy as we go work on the sims now! ;)


Anonymous said...

Well I don't think no will play the Sims 2 online Inless your Prommis that your not going to Monkey Rape us in 5 years and close that down allso if you keep it open people might come back im 5+ year player I'm not sure if I could trust this again if you dev at Ea can make some deal not close it don't then your all be in luck again

leeny said...

omg. if you guys are really making this ill love you forever. [:
& even though you guys closed down tso, ill still play. sl is dumb & so is everyother online game.